WILD MARGINS Drawings and Inspirations, £10 from Amazon. Many of these drawings arise from observations on the coastal edge where I live, in the wonderful end of year light when trees and plants display so dramatically their skeletal forms. Building my vocabulary of marks, guided by imagined possibilities and with an intention of risk, studies are further charged by working in black and white. Rhythmic orchestrations of dragging, dabbing and smudging become tangled wayside hedges, swathes of scrub and vessels of bunched dried stalks. Sections on landscape, beaches, birds, still life and experimental drawing. 


 At Time's Edge, remembering Anne CluysenaarEd Fiona Owen. Illustrations Ann Johnson


The Green Gate, Fiona Owen, Cinnamon Press 2015


A Screen of Brightness, Fiona Owen and Meredith Andrea. Cinnamon Press, 2013


Royal Academy Illustrated 2011 Summer exhibition catalogue


Resurgence, January/February 2011


Agenda Poetry, Vol 46/No 1 An appreciation of John Burnside


A Woman Called Rose, Angel Crespo, Translated by Arthur Terry, Agenda Editions


Quaker Concern for Animals, Remember Animals in War leaflet


Resurgence, May/June 2010


Second Glances, 2007,  a collection of poems by Pam Hughes, with drawings by Ann Johnson.