Murmuration, reproduced in WILD MARGINS, Drawings and Inspirations - see link below.




'The first jackdaw tick-tack-toed into my work one early morning on Beachy Head.

As I painted the landscape I became aware of a black shape to my near right, alive with curiosity and purpose. I struggled unsuccessfully to resist the enchantment of this being as I wanted to concentrate on the coastline but he or she persisted in busying around near where I sat. Suddenly, soundlessly, this bird reassembled into a ragged shape and, filled with grace, flew to alight on a post. 'Alight' being the perfect word as these big birds seem to float and fall like gauze on the wing. In an instant I made a determined scribble and the jackdaw was in my picture. Surprisingly, it worked. In fact it brought the painting alive.'


From my recently published book WILD MARGINS Drawings and Inspirations. Available from Amazon, £10: 



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